Manfred van Doorn | Duration 54.18

Find out how we create a good life for our children and grandchildren and how appointing new priests will build a new narrative from Manfred van Doorn.

Mark Anielski | Duration 1h12

Listen to Mark Anielski to get the insights into how we make a radical idea for an Economy of Well-Being reality. 

Sander Veenendaal | Duration 36.24

In the midst of the crisis, Sander Veenendaal sees four major trends coming up right now. Find out what they are.

TAnno Bregonje | Duration 49.17

Tanno Bregonje shares his perspective on how the world changes when we change. And how we create new patterns and new language. 

Mark Aink | Duration 48.04

In this talk Mark Aink shares how an economy of ecology can emerge from connecting kick ass science to business to indigenous wisdom. 

Jan Bommerez | Duration 49.45

Change will be a bottom up movement, a silent revolution of people asking themselves in what world do we want to live says Jan Bommerez

Simone Filippini | Duration 51.18

In this talk Simone Filippini shares her insights into the global leadership culture needed to create a more equitable world. 

Kees Klomp | Duration 55.32

Find out how Kees Klomp sees us moving towards a new story for an economy that sustains, regenerates and serves life.

Hans Stegeman | Duration 50.03

Hans Stegeman observes that these might be the times that our blief in the monetary system comes to an end. 

Nils Roemen | Duration 37.49

A highly creative entrepreneur in experience design and founder of #durftevragen, Nils Roemen, boils it down to the essential questions to life.

Christine Boland | Duration 43.33

Confronted to know our place in the ecosystem, both companies and consumers’ progress depends on three trends, says Christine Boland.

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A global community of business leaders, scientists, creative agents and social entrepreneurs is rising. They stand at the frontier of a new world as a bold community of practice. It’s their daily business to work on the re-envisioning and building of our society, our economy and our businesses around new values, awakening conscious leadership, social innovation and human flourishing. My name is Shinta Oosterwaal, economist and senior executive & team coach, and I am interviewing 21 of these forward thinkers, see-ers and doers during the Corona crisis to ask them: WHAT is manifesting NOW on EARTH? Take some time to share the space with professionals letting you in on their perspectives of the future.




What started out as an open impulse to ask thought leaders about their insights into the crisis and the future has generated extraordinary content, mapping a way to a new world. By capturing all contributions in a book I’ll be able to add more context to the insights for more people to be inspired and create a new future together.

“In a time when we are obsessing with new economic models, these insights from with unconventional thinkers and Shinta’s reflections are the ideas the future really needs”. 

Ron van Es – Author & Founder Purpose Leadership.


Interviewing visionaries for this project has been such a deepening experience. It has proven the value of reflection and open dialogue in approaching the creation of our future. Together with my interviewees I’m offering you an opportunity to immerse yourself in what is alive within you and to bring that forward in creating a new world.

“These retreats offer the room for reflection needed to move outward again and create a future from the insights we have gained. We’re happy to host on our estate in nature”. 

Sander Veenendaal – Heldergroen creative agency.

Retreats will be held mid 2021.

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